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19/1177 Retention of Retrospective change of use from A3 to Sui Generis to retain tannin COSTA DEL SOL, 3, HIGH STREET, WALSALL, WS1 1QW
19/1178 Retention of 1 no non-illuminated fascia sign. COSTA DEL SOL, 3, HIGH STREET, WALSALL, WS1 1QW
19/1186 Proposed alteration and conversion of existing garage and workshop structure at 332 , Wolverhampton Road West, Willenhall, WV13 2RN
19/1291 Replacement dwelling 229, BROADWAY NORTH, WALSALL, WS1 2PY
19/1343 Change of use of land from amenity to private driveway/garden (Class C3) 50 , Pooles Lane, Willenhall, WV12 5HW
19/1360 Increase width of dropped kerb 26, EDINBURGH ROAD, WALSALL, WS5 3PQ
19/1373 G1 - 2 x Sycamore - Crown lift to 2.5m and deadwood removal. G2 - 6 x Lime - Cr ST JOHNS CHURCH, SCARBOROUGH ROAD AND ST JOHNS VICARAGE, VICARAGE TERRACE, WALSALL, WS2 9TR
19/1385 Proposed first floor extension together with demolition of existing garage and e 2, GILLITY CLOSE, WALSALL, WS5 3PW
19/1393 Loft conversion with two rear facing dormer windows with new flat roof. 7, MELLISH ROAD, WALSALL, WS4 2DQ
19/1414 Remove glass panels from two windows on the third floor west elevation and fix t BRITISH TELECOM, TELEPHONE EXCHANGE, VICTORIA AVENUE, BLOXWICH, WALSALL, WS3 3HR
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