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Ref No Description Location
18/1590 Two storey side extension additional frontage parking and changes to front bound 5A, BELVIDERE ROAD, WALSALL, WS1 3AU
19/0224 First floor extension above garage with gable roof. 6, THREE CROWNS CLOSE, WALSALL, WS5 3AL
19/0298 Two storey side extension, two storey rear extensions with gable window and balc 39 LODGE ROAD, PELSALL, WALSALL, WS4 1DE
19/0511 Two storey side extension and single storey rear extension. 93 , Lancaster Place, Bloxwich, WS3 3NF
19/0651 Change of use of Council owned grass verge to create drop kerb and driveway serv 78, IRVINE ROAD, BLOXWICH, WALSALL, WS3 2DY
19/0691 Grocery Collection lockers to be installed in existing Parent & Child bays. Pare ASDA, ST LAWRENCE WAY, DARLASTON, WEDNESBURY, WS10 8UZ
19/0692 Various applied vinyl signs to grocery collection lockers. ASDA, ST LAWRENCE WAY, DARLASTON, WEDNESBURY, WS10 8UZ
19/0788 Certificate of Lawful Proposed Development for a loft conversion that includes a 122, WALSTEAD ROAD, WALSALL, WS5 4LY
19/0799 Single storey front, side and rear extensions 100, ROSE HILL, WILLENHALL, WV13 2AU
19/0825 Single Storey Rear Extension 34, ST MARYS WAY, ALDRIDGE, WALSALL, WS9 0AB
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